Smart sensors

Smart sensors

The smart ultrasonic sensors can be easily mounted to any container type to report near realtime data directy to the live monitoring platform's own cloud system.

Your containers just got smarter

The Smart Ultrasonic Sensors can be easily applied to any type of container. Once inside, they begin to gather data about the load levels of the container by using ultrasound waves and an algorithm that pushes the data to the Live Monitoring Platform.

Key features

  • Fully compatible with any type of container and very easy to mount and setup.

  • Energy-efficient and incorporated with auto-learning features.

  • Data transmission protocol suitable for all areas.

Data capture

Our intelligent ultrasonic sensors constantly capture data from every container and push it to the cloud-based platform.

Software platform

Our cloud-based platform consists of different modules which process, store and distribute the capture data.

Management application

This tool is used for the installation, activation and monitoring of different network components

Other solutions

There are also other intelligent waste management solutions we provide that can be integrated with your current setup. We can help you pick the right one for your type of business.