Monitoring platform

Monitoring platform

Our monitoring platform sollution enables waste management and recycling companies to optimize their collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources.

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Know the load-level of your containers

The monitoring platform gathers all the data from the Smart Ultrasonic Sensors and stores it in a safe cloud based server, where from it interprets and uses it to give out human readable results such as the load levels of the contains, the location of the containers and the fastest route towards the containers that require a pickup.

Key features

  • The service is cloud-based, so you can access all your data anywhere, at any time.

  • Receive instant notifications about your sensors, your drivers or any other events you subscribe to.

  • Organize your collection and maintenance operations more efficiently using the power of our inbuilt scheduler.

Data capture

Our intelligent ultrasonic sensors constantly capture data from every container and push it to the cloud-based platform.

Software platform

Our cloud-based platform consists of different modules which process, store and distribute the capture data.

Management application

This tool is used for the installation, activation and monitoring of different network components

Other solutions

There are also other intelligent waste management solutions we provide that can be integrated with your current setup. We can help you pick the right one for your type of business.