Mobile app

With our mobile app, logistics management operations become more efficient. By knowing the load-level of all the containers, you plan smarter routes for your drivers.

Cut driver hours and fuel costs by 50%

The Route Optimization App gets data from the Live Monitoring Platform regarding the containers that need a pickup and uses geolocation to determine the fastest route towards the container in need of a pickup.

Key features

  • With an intuitive and easy to use interface, it works on both smartphones and tablets.

  • Save time, fuel, avoid traffic and protect the environment in the process.

Data capture

Our intelligent ultrasonic sensors constantly capture data from every container and push it to the cloud-based platform.

Software platform

Our cloud-based platform consists of different modules which process, store and distribute the capture data.

Management application

This tool is used for the installation, activation and monitoring of different network components

Other solutions

There are also other intelligent waste management solutions we provide that can be integrated with your current setup. We can help you pick the right one for your type of business.