What is Check4Green?

Driven by passion and the desire to make things better for the future, we are constantly looking for improvement. We believe technology plays a major role in the future development of humanity so we gathered those who share our beliefs to help build a better, greener tomorrow. At Check4Green we provide smart waste management solutions that are meant to help various types of business including: collection and recycling centers, waste collectors and other types of local businesses.

We love what we do and that’s one of the reasons behind why we do it so well.

Who we are

We are a young, enthusiastic team that shares common goals and high targets. Our team includes specialists from various fields such as computer science, engineering and management, allowing us to see solutions and requirements from different points of view and cover all aspects of the services we offer. On regular days, you’ll find us in front of a monitor, coding or in front of a whiteboard, drawing and sharing ideas.

What we do

We are currently working on finding as many uses to sensors as possible, making sure that we are using them at their full capacity and incorporating them into our everyday lives. Currently, our solutions are mainly targeted towards helping the workflow of businesses that deal with waste. Even though Check4Green is the first project that involves sensors, we have more in store.