Smart waste management
with Check4Green

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  • Optimize collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources
  • Generate smart routes that cut wasted driver hours and fuel costs by 50%
  • Know the load-level of all your containers at all times

We provide smart solutions

Monitoring platform

Our monitoring platform solution enables waste management and recycling companies to optimize their collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources.

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Smart sensors

The smart sensors can be easily mounted on any container type to report near real-time data directly to the monitoring platform's own cloud system.

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Mobile app

With our mobile app, logistics management operations become more efficient. By knowing the load-level of all the containers, you plan smarter routes for your drivers.

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We are currently dealing with

Light bulbs
Incandescent, LED or Fluorescent

Primary or recharchables, consumer formats

Electronic waste
Various electronic components and leftovers

But our team is working constantly on providing new solutions

Key benefits for your business

Knowing the load level of the containers enables you to know you know when and what you'll recycle next, which makes it easier for you to plan ahead and manage the waste you're dealing with.

Know when you're going to get the next waste delivery and optimize your shipment to the recycling centers by using your resources at full capacity. The Route Optimization App enables you to find the fastest, easiest way of getting at the Recycling center, allowing you to save both fuel and time in the process of doing so.

Show everybody you care about the environment by placing waste collection containers near your business and encourage smart recycling. Know for sure that your waste gets to the recycling centers and is dealt with properly. Show off! Use the statistics provided by our Live Monitoring Platform to show everybody how much you helped the environment and display them on your website.

Our Route Optimization App will be the helpful companion you’ll need in order to find the best way you can reach your destination, preventing you from getting stuck in traffic or wasting time to make pickups when unnecessary. By knowing the load levels of the containers at all times through our Live Monitoring Platform you can easily forecast the next estimate pickup.